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For early stage companies

Numus Financial

An investment is never just about the money.

Taking a company to the next level means establishing larger operations, responding to the needs of new investors, entering new markets, onboarding talent, and more.
We support our partners along the way as they grow and develop their companies.

A Partner With Experience

At Numus, our depth of experience adds another dimension of value for our partners.

Our business activities have stretched decades and spanned numerous industries. We have negotiated joint ventures, participated in multi-national acquisitions, navigated international law and operated businesses in markets across the globe.

What sets us apart is the extent of our support. That’s why we develop personal relationships with our partners and are always accessible. Financial and investor marketing support is just part of the package. The rest is just who we are.

What do we look for

When seeking new investments, Numus is sector and geographically agnostic and we tend not to limit the type of investment we complete. While we are not restricted to location or industry, there are characteristics of early-stage companies that are a better fit for Numus:

Disruptive Technology

We look for companies that do things better and who stand out from their competitors. We typically look for companies that are re-writing their industry standards, not simply following best practices. These industry innovators have the potential to get their products or services scaled-up and adopted quickly – because they are leaders, not followers.

Alignment with Macro Trends

It is likely fair to say, even if you have developed the most technologically advanced, lowest-cost land-line telephone ever imagined, it may not become the next greatest thing. For example: while we may not know all the details at this point, we are convinced that the world will be utilizing better environmental practices 10 years from now than they are today. The environmental industry is growing, and we will take advantage of that macro opportunity. The same goes for businesses driven by other macro economic trends.

Industry Leaders

The founders of companies Numus invests in are often ‘change leaders’ in their industry.  They challenge convention, don’t accept the status quo as good enough, and believe their innovation will have a material effect on their industry and provide returns to the company, customers and investors.   

Scalability with More Capital

Most early-stage companies will take capital infusions at a variety of stages. We focus on the use of funds and how deploying those funds may change the investment potential, or rating of that investment. e.g. deploying an international sales force to open up new markets within existing manufacturing capacity. 

A Partnership Approach

No one ever said building value in a successful business was going to be easy. You have to be reactive, take advantage of opportunities, effectively promote your business to customers, partners and investors. New opportunities will constantly be identified and evolve. We have to be prepared to react quickly and to take advantage of outside expertise, partnerships and investment opportunities.

We actively seek start-ups in emerging industries that we believe will shape the future:

Clean Technology & Sustainable Innovation

Biotech &

Roll-ups of Fragmented Industries
our process

Investment Selection Process - What to expect

Numus sees hundreds of investment opportunities each year, yet we typically only select 2 to advance. Our process is fluid and can vary for any individual invest opportunity. That being said, if you would like to be assessed by Numus, here is the general process.

01 Intake
02 Meeting & Presentations
03 Expert Feedback
04 Due Dilligence
05 Term-Sheet & milestones
06 Becoming a Numus Client
investment process

Our Selection Process - What to expect

Numus sees hundreds of investment opportunities each year, yet we typically only select two to advance. Our process is fluid and can vary for any individual investment opportunity. That being said, if you would like to be assessed by Numus, here is the general process:

STEP 1 Intake
STEP 2 Meeting & presentations
STEP 3 Expert feedback
STEP 4 Due dilligence
STEP 5 Term-sheet & milestones
STEP 6 Becoming a Numus client

Our Services

We like sharing – great companies need great staff, and building a team of great staff can be costly.  Numus employs a wide variety of staff specifically suited to early-stage companies.  From regulatory, to accounting and financial, social media and Chief Financial officer services, Numus makes these staff available to our partner companies on an ‘as required’ basis. It allows our start-ups to have great team members without the need to employ full time staff. As our partners grow, they add highly-specialized staff to their team, and can increase or decrease the Numus support staff as required.


Regulatory, Compliance & Reporting Assistance

We seek to take our companies public on the Canadian Venture markets when they are ready. Numus manages the listing process so that the company can continue to focus on growing the business. Numus will assist with all reporting requirements, coordinate with legal counsel, regulatory bodies, and the exchange to ensure a smooth listing process for the company.

Financial & Accounting - Numus Financial

Financial / Accounting

To grow a company and raise capital, management must have sophisticated accounting and reporting practices, especially when considering a public listing. Numus offers contract accounting professionals with public company expertise that our issuers can use on a shared basis and at an affordable rate.
Digital Marketing - Numus Financial

Digital Marketing

Now more than ever, a strong digital media strategy goes a long way to help companies communicate their story to investors and attract interest. The companies’ digital presence not only influences investors perceptions of the company but also attracts new investors. Numus has digital marketing experts in-house that can create and execute your marketing plans.

Office Space - Numus Financial

Office Space

We have a large office space on the 20th floor of Purdys Wharf Tower II overlooking the historic Halifax Harbour. If our issuers need additional office space, or an address for a head office, we have a number of options available for lease within our space.
Recruit Talent - Numus Financial

Recruiting Talent

The single most important part of a company that determines its growth is its people. We use top recruiting firms and our network to bring in talent to help scale the companies we work with.
Our work

Success Stories


Kneat.com, inc. allows regulated organizations to move from paper-based validation to intelligent, digitized, and  paperless solutions. They provide expert, up-to-date, in-depth, and reliable knowledge and services about easy implementation of GMP solutions. Numus coordinated the public listing of Kneat on the TSX-CV via a reverse takeover in June of 2016. Numus subsequently raised $ 1.6 million for Kneat at a price of $0.90 per share and $2.2 million at $1.05. Since the public listing, Numus has coordinated multiple private placements for the company. Since the transaction, Kneat’s software was onboarded by 7 of the top 10 largest pharmaceutical companies globally and recurring revenue has growing rapidly. The stock has returned over 500% since the company went public on July 5 2016. Since the transaction, Kneat has raised $X total.


Canabo wholly owned and operated referral-only medical clinics for evaluating the suitability of, prescribing, and monitoring cannabinoid treatments for patients suffering from chronic pain and disabling illnesses. Canabo began with just one clinic based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and over the course of 3 years, expanded to 16 clinics from coast to coast across Canada, with 8 clinics embedded in doctors offices. Canabo was bought out for $47,629,326 by Aleafia Health in March of 2018. Soon after, the company exceeded a $480M market cap.


Oaro is a provider of enterprise solutions using blockchain technology, including Digital Identity, Access Management, Non-Fungible-Tokens, among others based in Madrid, Spain. Numus first invested in Oaro in 2018, and has since lead multiple private placement rounds for the company. Oaro’s technology has been deployed in every major airport across Canada, as well as firms such as Euroleague basketball, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, GSK, ARC Nuclear, and Planeta Junior. Oaro has an agreement to go-public via RTO with Exeblock Technology.


What are the benefits of going public as an early stage company?
  • Greater transparency with shareholders, which improves companies’ ability to raise capital
  • Attracting and retaining talent – shares and options can be issued as incentives and to fund acquisitions
  • Increased liquidity can improve value of company
  • Improved Reputation of firm improved through public listing
What is your typical investment size?

This can vary depending on the deal, but in our first round it could be anywhere from $500k to $3M, followed by plans to raise larger rounds if certain milestones are reached

Can Numus invest in and list companies that are based outside of Canada?

Yes, we invest internationally and can structure deals to allow us to list companies on the Canadian markets. Typically we will register the company to our head office at Numus . We have completed deals in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Is going public a requirement for Numus to invest?

When we invest in or raise capital for a private issuer, we usually aim to help them reach a stage where they are ready to go public within 1 – 2 years. Numus can help to execute other financing and exit strategies when going public is not the best option.