Our Approach

An investment is never just about the money.

Taking a company to the next level means establishing larger operations, responding to the needs of new investors, entering new markets, and more. We support our partners along the way as they grow and develop their companies.

Financial Support

Financial Support

Our team has completed deals in excess of $1 billion, successfully participated in IPOs, CPCs and RTOs, and has expertise in equity and joint venture initiatives.


This background means we can recommend the type of financing vehicles our partners should consider. We identify financing alternatives and make recommendations while matching investors with the right opportunities, and we help our partners to choose the right timing and path to maximize value.

Communications Support

Communications Support

A company’s success often rests on effective communication.


When investors understand key milestones, challenges and accomplishments, they are more likely to remain connected and committed to their investments.


It is one thing to become an innovative industry leader and another to ensure investors understand this progress. We help our partners do both. Our experienced team offers the guidance and assistance to ensure communications are clear and effective.

A Partner With Experience

A Partner With Experience

At Numus, our depth of experience adds another dimension of value for our partners.


Our business activities have stretched decades and spanned numerous industries. We have negotiated joint ventures, participated in multi-national acquisitions, navigated international law and operated businesses in markets across the globe.


But what sets us apart is the extent of our support. That’s why we develop personal relationships with our partners and are always accessible. Financial and communication support is just part of the package. The rest is just who we are.

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